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As of August 2004, I have GREATLY cut back on my collection. What was once the largest Yukito gallery has been trimmed down to a select few special cels (or at least, I'm in the process - check out my main cel page for the sale), and I have liquidated most of the other series as well. I am not quitting collecting, but am just going to be super picky about future cel purchases. My interests are just turning more towards art forms I can display and enjoy daily ^_^;

Note: Some descriptions are CHOCK FULL OF SPOILERS! Don't read them if you have not seen the series. ^_^

My cels can also be found on my homepage at www.vamppire.com/cel.

Be sure to check out my wishlist and email me if you have anything you'd like to sell!

Comments? Questions? Send 'em! I love feedback!

Thanks and enjoy! ^_^

News & Updates

3/2/2005Almost everything has been sold off. A few select pieces were saved. It's the end of an era! *sniffle*
8/25/2004Most of my collection is being sold off. Please refer to my home page for info ^_^ www.vamppire.com/cel
3/24/2004A pricey yet very gorgeous A1-END Yukito cel added!
2/23/2004Basketball-playing Yukito cel added!

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Card Captor Sakura - Yukito 3/24/2004
Card Captor Sakura - Other 4/4/2003
Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates 6/13/2003
Yami no Matsuei - Settei 6/14/2003

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